Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Gibson welcomes Euro outcome on fire fighters

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Rob Gibson has welcomed news that will safe guard retained fire fighters hours in Scotland

He was commenting after news emerged the current status of the Working Time Directive will continue after talks
in Brussels on changing the regulation, including ending the UK opt out collapsed.

The Parliament’s vote to end the UK opt out had caused concern particularly among retained fire fighters unions.This was especially concerning as the Scottish LibDem MEP voted to end the opt out. However negotiations will continue to protect many emergency workers services in rural Scotland.

Mr Gibson said...

"If the opt out had gone ahead there would have been ramifications for many staff including care workers coast guards health professionals and of course retained fire fighters. However it is better that the talks have ceased before the European Election so that something better can be sorted out after."

"I am glad that a measured and reasoned approach has been taken by the SNP Euro MP's as well as the Scottish Government to this issue. Yet again the Scottish interests are best represented by the SNP."

"The SNP have offered a clear and constituent line during the working time opt out. That is to be promote the interests of the country and it's workers. That is more than could be said of others like the sole Scots Lib Dem MEP who voted against the UK opt out, whilst her party in Scotland then attacked and scare mongered about the consequences of her vote.

"The facile scaremongering by the Lib Dems is yet another disappointing chapter from a party which is fast believing that the politics of fear is the best way to proceed. I am glad that reasoned and measured discussion wins out in the face of hysteria."


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