Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Gibson welcomes business bonus Figures

News release
Immediate release

Over 5000 local businesses have saved over £15,000,000 thanks to the SNP's Scottish Government Small Business Bonus Scheme.

The figures released by the Scottish Government show that in the Highlands 5,642 businesses received a cut in rates.

Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson welcomed the news saying that it will make a real difference….

"This scheme continues to help small local business throughout the Highlands and islands. It shows the SNP's Government support of local businesses which are often the life blood of Scottish Communities."

"This measure was started before the recession but will now serve as a key plank in the recovery from the recession. From the start of this month (As a result of the scheme) ten of thousands of businesses in Scotland will pay no rates what so ever."

"In the tough economic times in which we are in then it is important that more businesses make to most of the scheme. The Government are taking that message to the business community and will work with partners like local authorities to reach as many as possible."

"As has been pointed out to me by a business owner there is a problem with small businesses which have multiple properties. While of course it is right that large chains with many properties are ineligible, John Swinney and his team will look at what more can be done for smaller businesses who find themselves unable to access rates relief due to having more than one property. I am heartened by the Scottish Government intention to undertake a consultation on this issue in due course."


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