Sunday, 19 April 2009

Gibson calls for NTS land to be given over for allotments

News release
Immediate release

Rob Gibson SNP MSP for Highlands and Islands has called on the struggling National Trust for Scotland to make land available for allotments to help local people grow their own fruit and vegetables.

He said…

"I am writing to the Chief Executive of the National Trust for Scotland to clarify its policy on creating allotments on its land."

"I am aware that the National Trust in England is committed to create 1,000 new allotments on its land down south. Surely the NTS should be doing the same for Scots?"

"Both the NTS and Historic Scotland should meet to discuss how they can boost the cause of home produced food. There must be many hectares in trust that could be put to community use. At a time when the national Scottish Food and Drink policy is taking off and the recession is turning people's thought to saving money, the demand for allotments outstrips supply."

"Highland Council is set to consult on an allotments policy next month. The SNP has identified individual and community support, for example in Inverness. National trust properties can do their bit and earn a small rental income to their coffers from marking out new allotments."


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