Friday, 24 April 2009

Gibson calls for rail shake up

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson is writing to Scotrail to demand a fairer pricing policy which does not discriminate against Friday travellers.

His call came after his step daughter pointed out that if she could have saved around £10 on a return ticket from Glasgow to Inverness if she booked 4 seats as opposed to one.

Under a scheme from Scotrail 4 passengers can block book seats at a price of £42 (or £10.50 for each ticket) for all four people through a scheme called 'Friends Fare'. However an peak return on the same route (leaving on a Friday) costs £50.

Mr Gibson said …

"It is time that Scotrail simplifies it's pricing policy, it is ridiculous that someone can block book four seats for less than the cost of one. It could tempt people to block book and only use one seat!"

"In the climate change era set against rising fuel prices and deflation then it is unbelievable that passengers are been discouraged by traveling on rail by ludicrous pricing policies. These policies are counter intuitive and counter productive. Passengers should be encouraged to travel by rail no matter what day at a fair price. Single travelers on a Friday are facing discrimination which is uncalled for."

Mr Gibson also made a call for a seven day rail service….

"As it stands the rail service in Scotland is in need of great improvement. As it stands it Scotland only really receives a four day rail service. Friday's see higher prices, Saturdays see's disruptions and Sundays see's a vastly reduced timetable."

"Network Rail need to work to change this situation so that a truly seven day rail service can be brought about. "


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