Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Gibson urges severe punishment for train vandals

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Rob Gibson has urged Police to come down hard on those found to be vandalising trains in the Highlands.

The SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands was speaking in the wake of an attack on the National Express London to Inverness service on Monday night.

Commenting on the damaged train the following day which suffered a smashed window after vandals threw a stone at it in the Cradelhall area of the City he said….

"These vandals must be seriously punished, their reckless and completely unacceptable act could have caused major injury or worse. It shows a completely thoughtless for human life and hopefully it is not the start of a trend."

"I hope that these culprits are found speedily and that they are punished severely. There is no excuse for such behavior. I hope it does not lead to the situation where more protective barriers have be constructed at points throughout the rail network around the railway lines in the Highlands.


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