Friday, 19 June 2009

Ring main would bring access benefits

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP has called for a ring main of broadband around the north coast of Scotland which could help users connect more quickly to the web.

Mr Gibson said that the BT and Faeroe Telecom 760km undersea fiber optic cable (which runs from the Scottish mainland to the Faeroes and is to link into exchanges on Shetland) is a prime model of what can be achieved for the north of Scotland mainland which is poorly served by broadband provision.

He said that fixed fiber optic links were a preferable option for internet access than satellite.

Mr Gibson said,

"It is interesting that BT choose to joint fund an undersea cable to the Faroe Islands (which will eventually bring great benefits to Shetland) whilst parts of the north mainland are still woefully served by broadband."

"A ring main which could link into exchanges on the coast would help revolutionise internet use in the area. In my recent consultation on broadband speeds in the Highlands what became clear is was the huge discrepancies in connection speeds and performance of basic broadband. A ring main would help bring remote and rural areas of the far north into the 21st Century. I will be raising the issue with Enterprise Minister Jim Mather, Scottish Ofcom and Digital Britain."


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