Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Gibson welcomes Government support for EXPO

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has welcomed Scottish Government funding for the Scottish Housing Expo in Inverness.

Mr Gibson was speaking after £1.9 million was pledged to the project which will see 55 eco homes built next August.

Mr Gibson said...

"As we pass world-leading Climate Change Bill this week we need examples of how all houses should be built in future. The Scottish Housing Expo provides models which will need to be copied and developed."

"I welcome the SNP Government's commitment and leadership on eco-housing which will be important for the 21st Century. Through their support for the expo which Councillor Jean Urquhart worked hard to bring about, to the attendance of housing Minister Alex Neil to the opening of eco housing at Kildary today [Tuesday] (Easter Ross) it shows that that the SNP is backing the most sustainable housing options for the future."

"This new style of housing will mean more insulation and therefore less fuel consumption. A type of home which is fit for the new era."

"We must not repeat the same mistakes in the south Inverness housing estates which were rushed up to cope with rapid expansion of the city. We need a change in mindset where planners reject all new build that fails to meet top insulation standards and include home renewables such as ground source and air source heat pumps, wind mills and solar panels where appropriate."

"The failure of past planning to provide access and services to south Inverness can be sorted but no more such blunders must be repeated."


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gealbhan said...

it is good to see the pushing forward of building more eco-friendly housing, however, here in caithness, the attitude of the planning services is hindering self build attempts of even any kind of building nonetheless the more sustainable types. Crofters are struggling to even get any kind of house built on their property. Mostly it is kit houses that they tend to allow and they have a 60 year life span only and are made from high embodied energy materials... Hardly sustainable housing. When are we going to see a change towards a more forward thinking approach to planning and the housing crisis in the highlands? I have seen 3 different families come and then go from the neighboring croft all having major problems mostly to do with planning trying to build a simple, traditional croft house. Another neighbour, also a crofter was refused planning permission on her croft to build on the site of an existing ruinous house on the basis that the council say the road, which is a council road cannot sustain more traffic. This neighbour is now living in a council house and must travel 7 miles from home to croft twice a day to tend her animals, creating more traffic than if she lived there plus taking away one more council house from the already dwindling stock of council houses. People keep saying we need to make more land available to build on but, the biggest problem is the planners refuse to let people build much needed housing on the land they already have. When they are allowing people to build they cause so much hassle and extra unnecessary expense to the self builder they either give up or run out of money in many cases. A note on insulation, all of the products required to provide the insulation are mostly of high embodied energy. The use of local earthen materials can provide thermal mass and excellent energy efficiency if designed properly. These materials cost nearly nothing and are of low embodied energy. Nobody is using them and even if they wanted to at the moment they would not be allowed too even though earthen building is shown to be the most sustainable building method.