Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Gibson seeks clarification over Caithness Maternity

News release
Immediate release

Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has sought to seek answers from the NHS regarding the future Caithness Maternity Unit.

Since concerns were raised regarding the future of the Unit last week Mr Gibson has written to the public health Minister Shona Robison seeking clarification over the situation and seeking assurances that the Unit does not face downgrading or closure.

Mr Gibson who was closely involved in the Campaign to save Wick Maternity in the past said…..

"The Scottish Government has a presumption for delivering locally based health services. The pervious Liberal and Labour executives did not. So on that level I severely doubt we will see a return to the bad old days where Caithness Maternity was under threat. Despite recent prophecies from Politicians."

"From what I can gather this has been a staffing issue which is all but rectified. Scare stories circulating about the future closure of the Unit are unhelpful."


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