Monday, 15 June 2009

Gibson welcomes new road safety proposals

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Rob Gibson has welcomed the proposals from the Scottish Government on reducing road fatalities in Scotland.

Mr Gibson was speaking after transport Minister Stewart Stevenson announced measures which would the ultimate of aim of putting Scotland on the way to have zero road fatalities in the future.

The road safety framework for the next 10 years set's out for the first time Scottish road safety targets which will be the toughest in the UK. As well as proposals which have been shaped buy an expert group on targeting young drivers which are to be debated nationwide.

Contained in the raft of proposed measures are:

-Examining the case for introducing restrictions on newly qualified drivers such as limiting the number of passengers, engine size, speed and times they drive at through a nationwide debate.
New education resources for schools and a new lifelong learning approach to driver training targeting Scots of all ages, including elderly drivers.

-Action to improve school bus safety, including the ongoing pilot of latest "SeeMe" bus stop technology, the launch today of new more prominent school bus signs for bus companies, and new guidance to all local authorities on pick up and drop off points.

-Calls for 20mph zones in built-up areas.

-New advanced on-board breath test enforcement technology for police vehicles.

Mr Gibson who is campaigning to reduce road deaths amongst young drivers across Scotland said…..

"These tough measures and ultimate goal of zero road fatalities in Scotland are bold and could make real difference to road users across Scotland. The Scottish Government are to be congratulated upon setting high ambitions which will benefit all in society."

"It is hard to think of a community in the Highlands which has not been touched by a young person's death which was linked to driving. These incidents rips at the heart of communities. I am glad therefore that a national debate has been started and would encourage all those with a stake in our future to participate."

"My team has started a campaign to help engage cut road fatalities amongst young drivers. This was prompted after a series of deaths in the far North coupled with horrific accidents throughout the Highland area. Recognition from the Government that this is a specific area to target is very welcome."

"Although many of the actions that the Scottish Government might wish to take to improve road safety sadly remained reserved to Westminster, I hope that the UK Government will accept the need to give Scotland the power to act if they will not. When lives are at stake, inaction is not an option”.

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