Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rural motorist suffer from London vote

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Highlands and Irelands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has accused North Lib Dem MP's of betraying constituents again after they failed to vote for an SNP proposal which would have reduced fuel costs to motorists and haulage firms.

Mr Gibson was commenting after a coalition of Lib Dems and Conservatives MP's absented themselves to allow Labour to vote down a SNP amendment which would have introduced a fuel duty regulator.

The regulator would see any extra cash raised from VAT on higher pump prices go straight back into an equivalent cut in fuel duty.

Speaking after the vote Mr Gibson said...

"Yet again the Lib Dems and their cohorts did nothing to stop Labour voting down a sensible and fair policy from the SNP which would have reduced the cost for motorists and hauliers in the Highlands and Islands.

"This policy is about protecting jobs in the transport industry and helping motorists and businesses, so it is bitterly disappointing that for party political reasons the Lib Dems fail to back the policy which would benefit their constituents."

"It is a scandal that in an oil rich country key sectors are struggling to fill their tanks, a Fuel Duty Regulator would have made an enormous difference. what is becoming more and more obvious is that people of rural Scotland cannot rely on the UK Westminster Government to reduce their fuel costs.


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