Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Gibson backs calls for Derogation

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Highlands and islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has backed calls from SNP Euro candidate Drew Hendry's call for fairer fuel prices for remote and rural areas.

Mr Gibson wants to see a special derogation on fuel duty from the European Union for the Highlands and Islands which could see significant cuts to fuel process for both hauliers and private users.

Mr Gibson said....

"These special derogations have been secured for areas in France, Spain and Greece all with the agreement of the UK Government. However despite pressure from the SNP on all levels as well as from business and the public the UK Government refuses to make the same case for the Highlands and Islands."

"In times of recession when oil prices are rising then the case for rural areas to get some fuel relief is all the more compelling. Every penny on fuel duty is another penny onto haulage costs and out of families’ pockets This extra rural tax cannot be fair."


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