Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Gibson comments on John O' Groats proposal

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Immediate release

SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands Rob Gibson has advocated the use of compulsory purchase to help speed up the regeneration of John O' Groats.

Commenting on proposals to help regenerate the village he said….

"John O' Groats has languished for far too long. Caithness needs a speedy breakthrough.
"HIE must come up with a solution within three months. Caithness Chambers of Commerce must be directly involved. Scotland's own 'Land's End' has great potential. But previous Highland Councils and previous Lib/Lab Scottish Executives showed no urgency.

"A new spirit is enterprise spirit is awakening in the Far North. The prize of renewables, the success of Mey selections, the growing acclaim for world surfers around north beaches. I believe that compulsory purchase should be applied to the derelict hotel to show the community's determination to make John O' Groats a sustainable success.


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