Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Gibson challenges MoD over environmental claims

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Highlands and islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has challenged the MoD to make public it's environmental impact study on military manouvers around Cape Wrath.

Mr Gibson was speaking after the MoD said that safeguarding the environment was a priority during the Joint Warrior military exercise despite the fact that some of it would take place on environmentally sensitive areas.

Mr Gibson said…

"I think the public should be made aware of what precautions the MoD will be taking to make sure that the 'largest military exercise in Europe' does not adversely affect the land and environment of the tip of North West Scotland."

"The fact that the MoD insist on having this exercise during lambing season and during the Cape Wrath Challenge shows a scant regard and a lack of respect to the people of the area. Given this behaviour I will take the MoD's claims with a pinch of salt."

"I hope that we do not see a repeat of last year when military exercises resulted in a heath fire which led to the loss of much flora, fauna and wild life causing 10 years worth of damage."


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