Monday, 23 June 2008

Sláinte Nós úr!

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament congratulating the organisers, participants and audience of the first ever Minority languages song contest (focusing on Celtic languages and Scots) which took place in Inverness (Eden Court) on Saturday night (21st June).

The Nós Úr (new styles) competition saw 12 finalists as diverse as a Gaelic punk group and a Welsh Reggae band. The finalist came from Brittany, Wales, Ireland and Scotland (whose entries were in Gaelic and Scots). Two winners were chosen to go through to represent Western Europe in the pan-European final in Luleå, Sweden (18th October 2008). They were:

Yr Annioddefol from north Wales (chosen by a jury) and Gwennyn from Brittany (chosen by a public vote by those in the theatre and those listening on the Web)

Mr Gibson who attended the event said….

"Organisers Brian Ó hEadhra and all associated with the competition deserve the highest of credit it was a fantastic night's music and shows that the song traditions of Celtic Europe in their own language is as strong as ever."

"Both Gwennyn and Yr Annioddefol will be great representatives for Western Europe and I would not be surprised if either of them won it."

"What was apparent apart form the excellent music was the amount of young people involved in the competition. It inspires confidence for the future both for the music and especially the language. I would the future is sounding good."

"However all this must not be taken for granted and the UHI conference, organised by Dr Donna Heddle of the Centre for Nordic Studies (based in Orkney), on minority languages (Voices of the West) which run in conjunction with the competition are important to make sure that the impetus that such events inspire and represent are not lost.

He ended…

""Friendly competition such as the one on Saturday night helps foster a greater togetherness and understanding of similar cultures. Which can only be a good thing."

"Given the choice between attending the final in Sweden or the final of Eurovision it would be a no brainier!"



Link to website of Nós Úr:

Copy of Rob's motion:
Date of Lodging: 23 June 2008
Short Title: Slàinte Nòs Ùr S3M-02240 Rob Gibson (Highlands and Islands) (SNP): That the Parliament congratulates the organisers, participants and audience of Nòs Ùr (new style) which took place in Eden Court Theatre, Inverness on 21 June 2008; recognises it is the first Celtic and Scots minority languages song competition of its kind which featured 12 finalists from Wales, Brittany, Ireland and Scotland whose entries were in Gaelic and Scots; applauds the UHI Millennium Institute for organising Voices of the West, a conference on minority languages which ran in conjunction with Nòs Ùr; welcomes the importance of vibrant Gaelic and Scots languages and heritage that underpin the self-confidence of Scottish culture and believes that friendly competitions like this helps to foster a greater togetherness and understanding of similar cultures; congratulates Yr Annioddefol from north Wales and Gwennyn from Brittany on their victory, and wishes them the best of luck when they represent Western Europe in the pan-European final of due to take place in Luleå, Sweden on 18 October 2008.

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