Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Finishing Touches added to Rubbish Sculpture

PHOTO: Rob Gibson MSP joins pupils and artist Gina Bates in applying varnish to the new sculpture.

Pupils and volunteers have been busy at Alness Academy adding the finishing touches to their unique new artwork: a seating area in the courtyard made out of waste items embedded in cement. Alness Academy is the first secondary in the Highlands to be awarded its Green Flag under the Eco-schools scheme, an international initiative to raise whole-school awareness of environmental issues. The artwork was funded by Ross-shire Waste Action Network (RoWAN), and local MSP and RoWAN supporter Rob Gibson turned up with a paintbrush to help pupils apply varnish to weather-proof the structure.

RoWAN Project Manager Caroline Eccles said “Help from volunteers is very important to RoWAN’s work and we’re delighted to have Rob along today. Alness Academy is leading the way on green action for secondary schools in the Highlands and we congratulate them on their Green Flag. Today’s pupils are the householders of tomorrow and encouraging them to minimise their waste can only be good for the future.”

Rob added "I am delighted to support RoWAN whose volunteers like so many others contribute so much to community life. This project combines voluntary work with a clear environmental message that inspires young people. "

According to Rector Kenneth MacIver, “With this new seating area the courtyard is being used much more than before, which is great, and around 120 pupils were involved in constructing it. We have a very strong Eco-committee and we have great plans for the future to carry on placing the environment at the heart of the school’s activities.”

The sculpture aims to get people thinking about waste and is made of items such as old computers, plastic bottles and washing machine parts embedded in cement.
RoWAN is a small Dingwall-based charity aimed at helping householders reduce their waste. If you’re interested in volunteering – particularly if you know about composting – please contact the office on 01349 867063, or contact project.manager@rowanweb.org.uk.


Caroline Eccles, RoWAN Project Manager, project.manager@rowanweb.org.uk
Kenneth MacIver, Rector, Alness Academy, kenneth.maciver@highland.gov.uk
Rob Gibson MSP, rob.gibson.msp@scotland.gov.uk

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