Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Gibson welcomes fuel efficacy for fishing fleet

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has welcomed the creation of an expert group to look into the fuel efficacy for the fishing fleet.

The announcement came from Rural Secretary Richard Lochead. The group (to be called Fuel Efficiency Expert Group) will be headed up by director of Seafish Paul Williams and will report initial findings to the fuel taskforce within three weeks.

Mr Gibson said…

"The formation of the Fuel Efficiency Expert Group comes at a critical moment for fishermen throughout the whole of Scotland. Having met with fishing leaders and those in the industry in recent weeks I am acutely aware of the ridiculous amounts that fishing people are having to pay for fuel. When it comes to some loosing half of their profits for fuel then it is getting critical."

"That is why any action to assess where fuel can be saved by experts is of the up most of importance. I am happy to see that the Government in Scotland which, unlike the Westminster Government, is not benefiting from the Billions of Oil revenues flowing in form the North Sea are willing to put money into ways to save the fishing fleet money. It shows a commitment to them which simply doesn't exist at the UK level."

"Fishermen are in the difficult position of not being able to pass their extra fuel costs onto to anyone. Therefore any way in which they could save money will benefit them and the many jobs associated with the industry."

Mr Gibson added, "I will ensure that the voices of the Highlands and Islands are fully heard in the task force's work."


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