Friday, 27 June 2008

Gibson welcomes ferry report

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Rob Gibson welcomed the report published today by the Transport Infrastructure and Climate Change committee (TICC) that proposes a long term strategy to deliver a modern, efficient and responsive ferry network.

Rob said,

"The Committee produced a unanimous report that seeks the formation of the very first ferry strategy to be drawn up by the Scottish Government.

"I am confident the report has put the needs of ferry users first and stated plainly that a strategy has to be drawn up independent of ferry operators.

"Meeting the needs of island and remote communities requires them to have routes, vessels and timetables that fit their needs.

"I hope that the Scottish Government will consult on the points our committee has raised. Also I believe that the EU decision to investigate the fairness of the arrangements in operating the current West Coast ferry services will lead to a transparency and a regulatory regime that fits the needs of European laws.


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