Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Gibson Welcomes Committee action on Dornoch Link

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Recommendations by the Scottish Parliament's Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee have been made regarding the future progress of the Dornoch rail link.

During a session today the committee decided to congratulate the Dornoch Link Action Group and their STAG One feasibility study which members agreed should be submitted to the Scottish Government. The Committee agreed to write to the Transport Minister asking him to take account of this work as part of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Transport Projects Review and recommended that he should decide how to fund the STAG Stage Two study. Consequently members agreed to keep the petition No 894 open.

Speaking after the session, Committee member and Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson said:

"I am glad that the Committee took action to keep the Caithness Communities Councils petition alive. The case for the Dornoch rail link is continuing to be made and the results from the STAG One appraisal adds more weight to the importance and real beneficial change that a link would make to the East Sutherland economy and that of Caithness and Orkney."

"We will be writing to the Transport Minister for his views and consideration. I am confident that the Minister will take seriously the question on the future funding of the next STAG appraisal."

Paying tribute to the campaigners Rob said:

"The Dornoch Link Action Group is to be congratulated on its tireless advocacy for this project. Also the support from Caithness Community Councils and other bodies such as the Caithness Transport Forum has been invaluable. Our quest for a rail link is still very much in play, some significant progress has been made and with cross-party support we can see the way ahead."


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