Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Gibson blasts lotto raid

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson MSP has accused Far North MP of selling the areas good causes short.

His accusation came after last week's vote in Parliament which gave the go ahead for £180 million lottery cash to be diverted from good causes to the London Olympics.

Mr Gibson said:

"Community projects and good causes have come under pressure throughout the North thanks to the voting behaviour of the Local MP. I am not against the Olympics in London at all and yes they should be funded to make sure that they are a spectacle to match the occasion. However, I do not believe that good causes in Caithness, Sutherland Easter Ross or anywhere else for that matter should have to suffer in the way that they are at the moment to make sure this happens."

"This action carried out at the behest of the Labour Party and backed by the Lib Dems will hit the poor and vulnerable as well as arts and culture projects that give self worth to individuals of all ages as well as local community and regional pride. I find it very sad that they should choose to fund the Olympics this way."

Meanwhile Mr Gibson commented on calls from the Lib Dems for all money from dormant bank accounts and unclaimed assets to be given to youth charities....

"Given the current raid carried out on Lottery money by the Lib Dems and Labour partners in London, I would rather see this vast pot of money from dormant bank accounts and the like go to all types of organisations which do good in their community.

"It is a good gimmick to say that all the money should go to youth organizations, however the reality of the situation is rather different. Given the Lib Dem's actions in depriving all good causes of vital cash then it should only be fair that this money go to those that have lost out due to the Olympic raids. That means organisations for the young, elderly, disabled, arts, and the poor and vulnerable in the community."


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