Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Gibson calls for Scottish history for Scottish schools

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Rob Gibson MSP for the Highlands & Islands has called for Scottish history to be placed at the very heart of the school curriculum. Mr Gibson highlighted the importance of a rounded education in the development of identity and self worth in pupils. He stressed that Scottish history should be an integral part of the curriculum and deserves equal attention to that of other core subjects.

Speaking in the debate on the role of history in Scottish education Mr Gibson said:

"We have come a long way to reach the Scottish Government’s position today that underpins the confident expression of the importance of Scottish history in Scottish schools."

He continued….

"The aims of this debate are to explore the Scottish content in the syllabus; to ensure that continuity through school life gives pupils the general sweep of our country's story.

I hope that educational experts will now have the courage to take Professor Tom Devine's suggestions of a sweep of knowledge from the Picts to the global world.

Through song and story, dance and empathy, young eyes can be opened and Scottish history with good local examples is the key.

It's high time the Scottish history caught alight in our school curriculum and we should not shy from deciding to stress its centrality in our schools."


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