Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Gibson encourages new approach to Wick High School

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has called on the Highland Council to come up with new ways to fund school improvements.

His call comes in the wake of a meeting of Wick High school PTA to highlight the below par fabric of the building.

Mr Gibson said:

"There is no doubting the message from the meeting that Wick High School is not fit for 21st century education. It is in a deteriorating condition – some of which could have been put right earlier and others due to years of under funding after 8 years of inaction from the Liberal Democrat and Labour Executive."

"Given that under funding and the vast amount of money needed to over haul the fabric of the school to make it fit for purpose, the Council needs to think outside of the box to fund the changes. A system of community bonds could be used to raise the money for example."

"PPP is not a viable option as it mortgages the future to the hilt. When a needs assessment was made several years ago there were far worse school buildings in Highland than Wick HS. That is why the Scottish Government is set to create a fund for future investment. But the council could start thinking out of the box to address this situation. I am writing to the Education Chairman local Cllr Bill Fernie to seek his views."


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