Monday, 14 February 2011


Today (14/2/11) SNP MSP Rob Gibson and his colleague SNP Councillor Maxine Smith visited Global’s newest asset at Invergordon service base to see first hand the work that the new fabrication shed has attracted. They saw a huge fitting for an oil rig and discussed other work by Global working on contracts from BP and Eon.

Speaking after the visit the local Ward Councillor, Maxine Smith, said, “I was impressed with the capacity of the shed to handle large jobs side by side when the time comes and saw one of the 20 tonne remote control cranes, which are part of the internal structure of the shed, in operation.”

“Global staff said that once things are up and running in Nigg, when the purchase is complete this shed will form an integral part of their operations which will begin taking shape in a year or so. “

 “They are attracting work from both national and international markets, as far away as China and the USA. This will see Easter Ross, once again booming, with locals able to come back from working in Angola, and European countries. These individuals have worked away from home as the job prospects were much greater for many years, but many would dearly love to come back and work for decent money in their home town. “

Rob with Maxine, Stan and some Global workers
“It is clear that Roy MacGregor and his team are managing to strike a good balance between being on the international economic stage, but still keeping a family feel to the business, employing hundreds of local men and women long term. They have also given a reassurance that they are keen to work with local firms, large and small, when the time comes in the multi-user facility at Nigg.”

Local MSP Rob Gibson who is deputy convener of the Economy, Energy and Tourism committee at Holyrood welcomed the developments by Global at Invergordon and all the associated company activity at five sites between Nigg and Evanton. He said after the visit,

“The Global family of companies are an impressive group who now have a worldwide reach and a firm local base. The sites at Evanton Deephaven, Evanton industrial estate, Invergordon service base, the smelter site and Nigg all add up to make global a key employer for the future of the Cromarty Firth oil and renewables manufacturing and service hub.”

“The promise of bringing Nigg on line is key to gaining offshore renewables contracts around our shores but all the bases in the Global group will play a part to bring prosperity and cutting edge production facilities to Easter Ross. That’s nothing but a good news story for the Highlands as the renewables revolution builds on the skills they inherit from the oil and gas story around Scottish shores.”

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