Monday, 21 February 2011

Gibson calls for sensible investment of dome money

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Rob Gibson has called for the NDA to invest the money it was due to spend on the Dounreay Dome in the Caithness renewables industry.

Mr Gibson welcomed the news that the NDA had performed a U-turn on the decision to spend in the region of £1 million pounds on repainting and sprucing up the dome even though it is due to be demolished.

Mr Gibson said that the money should instead go to creating renewable jobs in Caithness and more investment. Mr Gibson said that further investment in the development of Scrabster harbour would be a logical solution.

He said…

"The NDA's decision to reverse the investment in the Dome makes total sense. However the best they could do with the money would be to increase investment in Scrabster Harbour so that it could help equip the Port for the marine renewables revolution which will play a vital part in regenerating the Caithness economy."

"The NDA has pledged to invest £2 million in Scrabster a further sum would help deliver a viable and sustainable future for the entire Caithness economy and benefit the community. An improved Scrabster Harbour would provide top quality long and short tem employment. This is a future worth investing in."

"I hope that the NDA can build on their pledges to the redevelopment of Scrabster Harbour the use of this money would be a great gesture."


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