Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Gibson calls for time table changes to be postponed

News release
immediate release

SNP MSP Rob Gibson has called for the management of Stagecoach
Highland to postpone proposed bus time changes and provide the
traveling public with full data on service costs and usage.

Evanton main bus stop
Mr Gibson said the public deserves answers….

"Constituents in Wick, Tain, Evanton an Ullapool have each
complained of Stagecoach Highland services failing to meet
travel needs."

"Bus users want to know why services are being altered to suit
the management's whims, not the needs of the traveling public"

"Stagecoach Highland must come clean. It must detail the huge
bus pass subsidies received from Scottish Government. What is
it doing to introduce more passenger friendly and eco friendly
buses? How much the soaring price of diesel an impact and how
will it consult customers to encourage more bus use."

"A successful international bus company will have more and less
profitable routes in its portfolio, here across the Highlands
and Islands Stagecoach has a role of essential passenger
carrier. Their managers need to enter true dialogue based on
full facts with their customers. The March timetable change
must be postponed immediately."

" I have written today to the Highland manager with these
demands for disclosure and action. "

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