Monday, 29 November 2010


Following a briefing meeting with Pairc Trust Directors on Friday 26th November, Alasdair Allan and Rob Gibson, both MSPs representing the SNP, have called on SNP Ministers to take an early and positive decision on the current applications from the Trust under Part 3 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act to purchase land and a lease on the Pairc Estate on behalf of the local community.

Alasdair Allan said: ‘I have been following this complex case closely over the years and give my full backing to the Pairc Trust in their efforts to buy the estate to further community development. The community have clearly expressed their wishes in two ballots, and I have no doubt it is in the overall public interest for this long-running saga to be brought to a satisfactory conclusion without further delay. I urge Ministers to take decisions before Christmas so that the process of valuing the land and lease can get under way.’

 Rob Gibson said: ‘This is a test case and will have implications throughout the Highlands and Islands. It is intolerable that the clear intentions of Parliament in passing this legislation, and the wishes of the majority in the community, have hitherto been thwarted by the delaying tactics of the landlord. It is now a month since Ministers were in a position to take a decision on the Trust’s two applications submitted in February 2010, and I call on them to take a positive decision in the next few weeks. This will send an unambiguous signal to the landlord that in Scotland we believe that the overall good of the community should be given more weight than private financial gain.’
Rob Gibson MSP at Pairc

Under the Act, Scottish Ministers were in a position to take decisions on the Pairc Trust’s two 2010 applications on 29th October. They received a response from the Pairc Trust to comments made during consultation on their applications two months before then. Politicians from across the political spectrum, other community land organisations, and the Scottish Crofting Federation, have all backed the Pairc Trust’s call for an early decision. The applications are understood to be under active consideration.

For further information, please contact John Randall of the Pairc Trust on 01851 880365.

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