Monday, 8 November 2010


News release

Immediate release 08/11/10

Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson MSP Has welcomed the signing of a UK China agreement that only whisky produced In Scotland will carry the label Scotch in China.

The deal means that Scotch Whisky being sold in China will be sold according to the same rules as the UK, ensuring that whisky drinkers are getting exactly what it says on the bottle.

Mr Gibson, whose region contains 95% of Scottish distilleries, said...

"This is excellent news, The Highlands and Islands is the heart and soul of high quality whisky and supports a large number of jobs and communities."

This agreement will help safe guard the excellent reputation of brand n china. It is good news for distillers in places like Wick, Brora, Easter Ross, Orkney and far beyond."

"China and the Far East market offers great opportunities for the whisky industry. The safeguards that are now in place mean that there will be greater scope for advancement of our unique Scotch brand."

"This agreement could lay the platform for greater inroads into the Chinese and Far East market, it is very good news."


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