Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Gibson welcomes youth music initiative funding

News release:  Immediate release: 23/11/10

Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has welcomed a Scottish Government commitment to continue to funding a music scheme which offers young people a chance to participate in music.

Mr Gibson was speaking after Culture Minister Fiona Hyslop confirmed that the Scottish Government would fund the youth music initiative to the tune of £10 million for a further year.

The YMI allows all children the opportunity of one year's music tuition by primary six.

Mr Gibson himself a musician and former music festival organiser said...

"So much good is done for the self-esteem of young people in playing and listening to live music. I know in Highland Council area that our wealth of traditional music is capturing young

"This scheme has great presence in the north and west there is great talent here. I am glad that the Scottish Government has made the funding available for a further year. I know several
tutors and have seen the scheme in action in Dunbeath and was very impressed.

"In times of economic austerity it is encouraging to see that the Government has not turned its back on culture. Music is a vital part of the cultural life of the Highlands and Islands as
well as Scotland so to see it be supported is heartening."

"I am delighted that the SNP Government puts a high priority on this key part of being Scottish and the proximity to St Andrew's Day underlines the great work done by inspiring tutors."


Notes to editor


The Youth Music Initiative (YMI) is currently funded at £10 million per annum, with £8 million being routed through Creative Scotland to local authorities into schools to ensure

that all children receive the opportunity of one year's music tuition by primary six.

The Scottish Government currently has a funding commitment until March 2011 and a further #10 million for YMI was included in the draft budget for 2011-12 announced on November 17, 2010.

The Scottish Government's Education and the Arts, Culture and Creativity Action Plan was launched in September 2010 and can be accessed at:


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