Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has challenged BT and HIE to link the Highlands and Islands up to super fast broadband.

In 2008 Mr Gibson launched a consultation across the Highlands and Islands on the need for super fast broadband in the region. The results made a compelling case with overwhelming responses stating that it was badly needed for work as well as personal use.

Earlier this week the First Minister said that he wanted the whole of Scotland to be served by 2020, whilst the UK Government announced that the Highlands and Islands are to be a test bed for the new technology.

Mr Gibson said...

"The latest announcements on super fast broadband are welcome. My survey was one of the first which crystalised how much demand there was for super fast broadband and how inadequate the system was in many parts of the Highlands and Islands."

"I believe that the findings of my survey has played a part in the latest developments. However it is now up to the HIE and BT to deliver this for every part of the North and West quickly."

"My consultation showed that many people rely on the internet for work, in these dark economic days then it is important that all business has a chance to flourish, sub standard internet provision has held back the area for a long time. Hopefully HIE and BT can implement the changes needed."


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