Monday, 6 September 2010

Praise for Scotland's first housing expo

Rob Gibson SNP MSP for Highlands and Islands has urged fellow MSPs to join in congratulating the organisers and backers of Scotland's first Housing Expo, the first Scotland and in the UK.
He said,
"During the depths of the recession there were fears that these fantastic houses designed for the future would never be built. I recall a Cross Party Group on Architecture held in the Scottish Parliament when the vision was agreed across several political parties. I hope we can now join in praising the event that attracted over 30,000 visitors last month."
"Fears were expressed about the services and transport that would link the Braes of Balvonie site near the A9 to the town. I'm sure that the debate in Highland Council will be positive to ensure that the new campus at Beechwood and the Expo site on which many people will live can be linked by bus to the centre of the city."
"I for one welcomed the expressions of support at that cross party Holyrood meeting from Peter Peacock MSP the former convener of Highland Council. He saw that the rapid developments needed to house the burgeoning Inverness population had been too rushed but we can learn from sustainable designs and place making in future. I hope he and his colleagues and other MSPs can now sign this motion and express our support for the success of the event. I also hope a debate can take place over other local councils hosting future housing expo events. Scotland has a long way top catch up with Finnish eco-friendly house design. The bold moves backed by the SNP government has shown the way for sustainable housing across the land."


S3M-06908 Rob Gibson (Highlands and Islands) (Scottish National Party): Scotland's First Housing Expo— That the Parliament praises the delivery of Scotland's first Housing Expo, which attracted well over 30,000 visitors in August 2010 at Balvonie Braes, on the southern outskirts of Inverness; also applauds the organisers from Highland Council who it considers showed tenacity in the face of the economic recession and achieved a highly successful outcome with full backing from the Scottish Government; notes that 52 cutting-edge houses designed with the future in mind were seen to stimulate house buyers, architects and builders who now know that this climate change age demands house designs with as low carbon impact as possible; welcomes the support of experts from Finland for the achievements of the Scottish Housing Expo and notes that the inspiration from that Baltic Sea country has raised the standards of house design there in over 40 years of such events; calls on other local authority areas, architects and builders to join in planning the next Scottish Housing Expo to display the gold standard of house designs that needs to be available for affordable housing and private housing in future; is encouraged by the considerable number of enquiries by potential buyers of the private houses built on the site, and wishes all who live at Balvonie Braes including those allocated one of the 20 houses built by Albyn and Cairn Housing Associations for affordable rent and low cost ownership a comfortable, low carbon future.

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