Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Duthac House does not deserve privatisation

Rob Gibson SNP MSP for Highlands and Islands has questioned the motives of Highland Council Social Work Department in suggesting £0.9 million needs to be spent on Duthac House care home immediately.

He said,

“I am disappointed that local councillor Alasdair Rhind continues to reject the majority opinion in Tain which wants to see investment in Duthac House for the long term, not a new home.”

“I am shocked that the Housing and Social Work Committee can treat a gold star care home in this way. When certain private homes can achieve poor scores from the Care Commission, Duthac House gets 5 out 6 in recent inspections.”

“ With cuts cascading down from Westminster as the latest excuse, the LibDem, Labour and Independent led Highland Council has finally got its way. Privatise everything to get it off the books.”

“Tain people will seek allies to fight this move and reverse the Council’s stance.”

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