Friday, 17 September 2010

Gibson welcomes GM dialogue decision

News release
immediate release

News that the UK Government is to abandon a Food Standards
Agency dialogue on GM technologies with the public has been
warmly welcomed by Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson.

MR Gibson was speaking after it was announced by UK Science
Minister David Willets that the dialogue would not continue in
it's current form and that the new Government were taking the
opportunity to step back and review past dialogues on GM and
other areas of science.

Although Mr Willets also said that the UK Government were still
developing their policy on the use of GM technology in food and
agriculture, Rob, a longstanding critic of GM technologies in
food and agriculture, said that the dialogue was discredited
and a waste of time...

"Two cheers for Science Minister Willets, the hugely
discredited FSA run public dialogue on the place of GM crops
has been ditched in its present form.

"Whilst Mr Willets wishes to increase the dialogue about
science and UK government policy with the public that has to be
on a basis of science not on the wishes of multinational
biotech firms. Labour were in the thrall to firms such as
Monsanto, and were ready to roll out GM across England and
would do the same in Scotland given half a chance. I hope that
the new coalition Government in Westminster is more circumspect
on the issue as Labour whilst in power were brazen."

"I am delighted that the Scottish Government and those in Wales
and Northern Ireland reject GM development of field crops. I
took part in a Holyrood debate yesterday on the value of
Scottish food and drink. Now we must press the UK to recognise
natural values in food and drop the big lies that GM can feed
the world."


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