Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Gibson welcomes exchange upgrade

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Immediate release

Highlands and Islands SNP MSP has welcomed news that internet provision for communities that are served by Gillock and Lyth Telephone exchanges are to be improved this summer. Mr Gibson was commenting after he was contacted by Bower Community Council about the poor quality of internet provision in the areas which are served by the telephone exchanges of Gillock and Lyth.

Mr Gibson emailed the head of Scottish Affairs at BT Ian Shanks regarding the issue. Mr shanks emailed back saying that the Scottish Government had scheduled upgrade work to increase the speed of broadband at the two exchanges this summer.

Mr Gibson said that he had raised the issue of rural broadband with the Enterprise Minister Jim Mather in last year following his survey into broadband speeds in parts of the Highlands.

"It became clear to me during my consultation last year that lack of Broadband in rural areas of the Highlands is a major issue. However the Scottish Government have been working to rectify this problem. Unfortunately upgrading telephone exchanges takes time, however it is a process which the Scottish Government is committed to and due to the inaction of the past there is much work to do."

"I am glad that the people who are served by Gillock and Lyth will see considerable improvements in their provision. I presented the findings of my consultation to the Enterprise Minister Jim Mather. It shows that action can happen to improve the situation."


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