Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gibson welcomes assurance on GM

News release
Immediate release

Rob Gibson SNP MSP for Highlands and Islands has been assured by Roseanna Cunningham Scottish Government Environment minister that she welcomes the EU Parliament idea to label foodstuffs with an indicator of the GM contents.

Mr Gibson drew attention to the EU Parliament Environment Committee 2nd reading debate last week. Overwhelmingly members agreed that products produced from animal feed with genetically modified feeding stuffs must be labeled with the words "produced from animals fed with genetically modified feeding stuffs".

Mr Gibson sought support from the Scottish minister to help Scottish shoppers to benefit from the widespread wish in Europe to allow consumers to have a clear view of the GM content in animal feed that is used to produce food for human consumption.

Ms Cunningham pointed to technical difficulties in detecting GM material in food products such as meat, milk and eggs from livestock that have been fed on GM feed.

Mr Gibson commented afterwards that consumers have a right to know.

"I can see in Germany and other countries that labelling food that is GM free and GM animal feed free has a premium. I hope that the EU Commission in its review of GM regulations will implement the EU Parliament decisions. This would be good for Scottish producers and welcomed by consumers just like many our European neighbours."


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