Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Gibson and Farlow express concern over Raptor find

News release
Immediate release

SNP MSP Rob Gibson and SNP Sutherland Councilor George Farlow have reacted with concern to news that three Golden eagles and other birds of prey have been found dead in East Sutherland in the past week.

Northern Constabulary have confirmed that the birds were found though a cause of death has not as yet been ascertained.

However Mr Gibson and Farlow believe that the find is worrying…

Mr Gibson said…

"I am deeply troubled by the fact that so many raptors have been found dead in such a limited area. An incident like this looks like poisoning and if it is proved to be so it is a worrying turn of events."

"East Sutherland area is attractive to many visitors. This incident has the potential to be a stain on our area. I hope the police investigation is speedy, thorough and successful."

Cllr Farlow said…

"The wildlife of Sutherland such as the iconic Golden Eagles are a major draw to the area. They are important for environmental and economic reasons. I am deeply concerned by the find. "

"We do not know the outcome of the forensic analysis however if foul play is involved then it is a worrying development. If they are found to be poisoned then it suggests that there could be a concerted campaign against birds of Prey in East Sutherland. This needs to be stamped out before it spreads."

Both Mr Gibson and Cllr Farlow urged anyone with any information to contact the Police.


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