Friday, 21 January 2011

Gibson questions opposition posturing

News release

immediate release 21/01/11

Highlands and Islands SNP MSP said he is disappointed by opposition parties posturing over the SNP's Government budget.

Mr Gibson said that the decision from Labour and Liberal Democrats to vote against the Council tax freeze in the finance committee and the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour's decision to vote against a small levy on giant supermarkets (which would create over £30 million for the country) was unfair and counter intuitive.

Speaking after the votes Mr Gibson said...

"I suppose it is to be expected from the opposition parties but it still is a baffling decision from some of the parties. For Labour and the Lib Dems to punish everybody by increasing council Tax in the middle of toughest economic times for a generation whilst at the same time giving a fillip to big business tells al lot about their social aims."

"The decision from the opposition parties would take a minimum of £30 million away from public spending right at the time in which it is needed. I would urge them reconsider their

position. Or at least ask the opposition where they will find an extra 30 million form."

"John Swinney and the SNP has produced a fair and balanced budget in the face of great cuts from Westminster. It will spare our pensioners and families from council tax rises in order to help household budgets and redresses the balance for business with a small levy on supermarkets."

"The SNP's council tax freeze has helped households across Scotland, sparing the average household over £300 over four years, whilst Labour, Lib Dem and Tory have increased VAT,

increased fuel prices and even pushed up National Insurance."

"While the SNP is budgeting for a fairer Scotland, helping families meet rising costs Labour wants to increase unfair taxes on pensioners and scrap a fair levy on supermarkets."

"Apart from being negative, mumping and moaning, the opposition has singularly failed to come up with ideas or alternatives to deal with the Lib Dem and Tory spending cuts. I await their ideas, if they appear, with interest."

"As it stands the SNP is the only party firmly supporting Scottish households and small businesses as well as investing in jobs and public services."


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