Wednesday, 19 January 2011


News release

Immediate release: 19/01/11

Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has challenged Nick Clegg, and his Highland colleagues to cut the Highland and Islands some slack.

Mr Gibson made the challenge on the eve of a visit from the Deputy Prime Minister to the Highlands…

Mr Gibson said that the region was getting a raw deal from the UK Government...

"Closing down coastguards, military bases, privatizing of search and rescue, increasing fuel prices, tax rebate penalties against mountain rescue teams, refusal to make money available for renewable investment, it is clear that the Highlands and Islands are getting a raw deal from the Liberal Democrats and Conservative UK Government. The lib Dems are taking their voters in the north for granted."

"Time and again the Lib Dems have promised to end the fuel scandal in the North however that is far away from happening, if it happens at all. Many people in the Highlands have placed their faith in the Lib Dems because of this issue. I think that the Lib Dems they should have a little more respect for the people of the Highlands and Islands and deliver on one of their biggest promises and cut the region some slack. Perhaps Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander or another Lib Dem MP from the Highlands could explain to those that are having to fork out vast sums of money for fuel why this has to be the case."

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