Thursday, 18 March 2010

Gibson issues fuel challenge

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP for Highlands and Islands has challenged Highland and Islands Lib Dems to back an SNP proposal which would ease the burden on North motorists.

Mr Gibson said that an amendment for a fuel duty regulator at Westminster, would be put forward by the SNP during the forthcoming budget vote in Westminster. He challenged the North's Lib Dem representatives to put aside party politics and back the proposal which would reduce the cost of fuel.

He said…

"The cost of petrol thanks to tax increases by Gordon Brown and Alasdair Darling are the highest in Europe. And as ever motorists and haulers in the remote and rural north and west are feeling the pinch."

"The SNP's proposal of a regulator would stabiles the rises and bring some sanity back to prices at the forecourt. The Lib Dems have no more excuses - they could show their commitment to the hard pressed northern motorists by supporting the SNP amendment."

Mr Gibson also said that some new thinking from the Highland Council could make a difference to rural petrol stations.

Mr Gibson has suggested that the Council could bulk buy fuel which it could store in it's tanks, situated in Lairg and KLB or Lochinver. It could then sell the fuel to local petrol stations.

Mr Gibson said…

"This idea is a variation on what used to happen in the past. When the council bulk bought oil for the fishing industry and sold it to them. It would be an innovative way to help the local economy and motorist. It is definitely something that the Council should investigate."


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