Thursday, 25 March 2010

Gibson calls on clarification over NFU Political posturing

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has written to the national President of NFUS to clarify the party political posturing on ferry costs taken by the Orkney NFUS spokesperson Michael Cursiter this morning on BBC Radio Orkney.

Rob Gibson said,

"Mr Cursiter wrongly stated that RET applying to the Western Isles had been frozen. They have not. They have risen at the same rate as all CalMac fares. He went on to claim that the SNP Government had removed bridge tolls for political advantage. What advantage did that have for abolition of the Skye Bridge tolls, an area currently represented by the LibDems?"

"The Orkney NFUS mention that Orkney has been a LibDem stronghold begs many questions. Surely Liam McArthur MSP should distance himself from Mr Cursiter's erroneous assertion that RET is frozen. Residents should be told."

Rob Gibson went on..

"The countrywide struggle to maintain fair services in hard times needs cool heads to sort out facts from political fiction. Every part of the country will have to bear the cuts consequent on Labour's recession. In the middle of the consultation on how to make savings on the spiralling costs of running and subsidising Northlink engagement not bluster is required of all concerned. The entry of local NFUS spokespersons into this debate in a party political fashion should bear in mind the considerable support for affordable housing, for renewable energy development and protecting health and education services that this Scottish Government is delivering. Orkney is as important a part of Scotland's prosperous future as any other productive community."



Some investment in Orkney from the Scottish Government

£5 million of funding for House building
£3.04 Million for
£380,000 for town centre regeneration Stromness

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