Monday, 12 October 2009

Gibson echos fears over War games

News release
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Highlands and Island SNP MSP Rob Gibson has echoed concerns regarding the threat posed by MoD war games to bottle nosed dolphins in the Moray Firth.

Mr Gibson was commenting following fears, raised by the whale and dolphin conservation society regarding the joint MoD and NATO war exercise (that for the first time will take place in the outer Moray Firth).

Mr Gibson said the expansion of the war area, (it used to be confined to the North West Coast of the Country) is a worrying development….

“The increased use of Sonar in our seas especially the Moray Firth is a cause for concern.”

“I have had heard anecdotal evidence that more whales were washed up around Cape Wrath and the North West during previous exercises. So the thought that we could see dolphin and porpoises stranded along the Moray Firth coast is worrying.”

“I really do not know why the MoD and NATO have decided that they need to use the Moray Firth for their war games but their sonar causes real dangers for the cetaceans that inhabit the area. The MoD say that they exercise caution with their sonar but I am sure it is not an exact science.”


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