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Issued Monday 7 September
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Rob Gibson, SNP MSP for the Highlands & Islands, lodged a motion in Parliament highlighting the reported £1billion thrown away by Scots families every year on food waste and encouraging people to wise up with their waste.

Rob said:

"This shocking level of waste is completely avoidable. It equates to £550 a year thrown in the bin by the average family in Scotland because we aren't planning our meals properly and storing food appropriately.

"I am pleased to highlight the good work of Golspie Recycling and Environmental Action Network (GREAN) who would like to expand and recycle food waste in a similar manner to New Deer's Keenan Recycling - they process over 60,000 tons of green and food waste each year, but their efforts only further highlight the gargantuan amounts being diverted from landfill.

"It's great that the Scottish Government is including measures in its draft zero waste plan encouraging better use of food and personal measures that will reduce this kind of food waste, but it's up to every individual to become proactive in their practice.



Copy of Rob Gibson's motion:
S3M-04783 Rob Gibson (Highlands and Islands) (Scottish National Party): Waste Aware Scotland-wide— That the Parliament expresses concern at the reported £1 billion worth of food thrown away in Scotland each year, equating to an average of £550 per year thrown out by each household; notes that over two thirds of what is binned could have been used if it had been stored properly and if meals had been better planned; highlights the work of Golspie Recycling and Environmental Action Network, a community-based social enterprise recycling firm in Sutherland, and other good examples around Scotland that set a benchmark to promote positive community awareness on waste minimisation, and encourages Scottish families and households to be wiser with their waste, one of the many simple ways to reduce their carbon footprints and save money.

For more information on GREAN or Keenan Recycling see:

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