Wednesday, 23 September 2009


News release - 23 September 2009
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Rob Gibson SNP MSP for Highlands and Islands wants to know why NHS Highland has been reluctant to support ME sufferers.

He has quizzed the health board who have admitted that they have no plans to coordinate support for ME sufferers.

He said, "For many years the condition called ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) has been identified as complex, but health boards don't seem to recognise the wishes of patients for sustained help."

"I believe it is time that NHS Highland published a strategy to meet the needs of groups such as those in the Tain area. Constituents have asked me to press for a speedier medical response."

"The most recent message I have had from the health board is that only - a small number of doctors have an interest, but not with any specific extra-training skills, just a general interest. There is therefore no disease-specific system at present and no plans to develop one at the moment. - "

Rob Gibson went on…

"This must be made a higher priority for NHS Highland."


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