Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Gibson warns of digital divide

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has written to the UK Government warning against a two tier roll out of Superfast Broadband.

Mr Gibson took the course of action after a report suggested that remote and rural areas like the Highlands and Islands could be waiting longer for the implementation of the next generation of broadband.

Mr Gibson has written to the Treasury Minister Steven Timms raising his concerns that areas of the Highlands and Islands may have to wait longer than other parts of the UK to receive the latest version of broadbaand.

Mr Gibson said…

"I have asked the Minister if they have an all UK wide approach to upgrading broadband or if they are happy to allow other areas such as the Highlands and Islands to lag behind. I think that business users and residents in the North and West who already suffer from snail's pace service should have should not face official approval to ignore their pitiful connection speeds."

"There are many innovative digital businesses in the region which could really develop and expand if they were to have access to the fastest connection speed."

"There is already a broadband divide in the UK however if the UK Government procrastinates about developing less connected areas further whilst other areas race ahead then that dived will grow bigger and it will be rural Scotland loses out most."


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