Saturday, 22 August 2009

Gibson attends memorial unveiling

News release
Saturday 22nd August

Highlands and Island SNP MSP Rob Gibson has welcomed the growing friendship and partnership between Scotland and Russia through strong links between Orkney and Ugra Province in Siberia.

Mr Gibson was speaking after the unveiling of a memorial to commemorate the convoy's to Arctic Russia which left from Scapa Flow.

Over 3000 seamen lost their lives during the convoy the memorial at Lyness (Island of Hoy) will stand to remember those that gave and risked their lives on the treacherous journey.

The delegation from Russia was led by Russian Cousul General to Scotland and dignitaries from Ugra the oil Capital of Siberia

After the unveiling Mr Gibson said…

"The memorial remembers the great sacrifices and heroic actions of those who served on the arctic convoy and those who lost their lives. The convoy is something that should not be forgotten their actions played a significant part in World War Two."

"Orkney is playing a key roll in the friendship between Scotland and Russia. This memorial and the high profile delegation is a sign from Russia of the esteem in which they hold Scotland from this friendship great benefits will accrue to each nation."


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