Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has called on a reduced rate for those receiving far slower broadband than is advertised.

Mr Gibson comments come in the wake of an ofcom report which shows that  the broadband that people received on the whole fell short of the advertised rate.

Mr  Gibson, who once walked out of a presentation from BT on Broadband because of their attitudes to delivering services in the North of Scotland said that this report highlighted the injustice.

The SNP MSP also suggested that people which were receiving vastly below the advertised speed should get a reduction in their internet bills.

"This report shows what most of us in the North and West Of Scotland have known for a long time that namely that providers especially BT give a woeful value for money when it comes to broadband speeds."

"My survey proved that people across the North and West were under provided when to comes to broadband, it is now up to BT and others to deliver on their promise or give a clearer account of what people can accept to receive from their broadband."

"The Scottish Government is pushing hard to upgrade the infrastructure of Broadband in the area, with HIE it successfully managed to secure funding of superfastboradbad for the Highlands and Islands. This shows the commitment there is to providing the means for fast broadband in the region."

"That should be matched by BT and the like. And if they are not happy to d this then they should reduce charges for people who receive slower broadband than is advertised."

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