Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Gibson welcomes SFT investment in Tain

News release
Immediate release

Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has welcomed investment from the Scottish Government for the people of Tain and surrounding area.

MR Gibson was speaking after a debate on the Scottish Economy. He pointed out over 1 million pounds from the Scottish Futures trust will be put towards a new health centre in Tain.

Mr Gibson said that the Scottish Futures Trust was a safe bet with tax payers…

"The SFT is replacing the discredited Public private partnership so Favoured by the previous Liberal Democrat and Labour administration which has left large debts for councils, health boards and others to pay off."

"The announcement means that new jobs will be created when the centre is built as well as establishing a new centre for the area. Along with the news of a new Asda then it is a very good time for employment in Tain.

"I am glad that the Scottish Futures trust has been favoured by the SNP Government which will deliver quality services to the public without leaving a massive debt for the future."

" A new health centre in Tain will make a welcome addition to the town as well as those in and around it. Continued investment for the future which is debt free is something to be celebrated."


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