Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Gibson calls for more cycling capacity

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Immediate release
Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson has called for increased cycling provision to be written into the next Scotrail franchise.

Mr Gibson was commenting after a Transport Committee session focusing on how to increase the cycling and walking participation rates in Scotland.

During the committee session Rob raised the issue of provision for cyclists on FirstScotrail services and how it could be increased.

Some of the witnesses to the committee suggested that increased train services (thus increasing the options for rail users to take their bikes) could be a way of doing it as well as encouraging stations to offer cycle hire.

Mr Gibson commented after that an transport system had to work for the benefit of cyclists and pedestrians…

"Some interesting suggestions were made in the committee, which bear closer scrutiny. It is important that cyclists are encouraged to take their bikes on a train. I think, not withstanding the current weather, more and more people are wanting to cycle to school or work or for recreation. Therefore we have to have a transport system which is integrated and takes that into account."

"I am interested by the idea that if there were more trains then that increases capacity, having cycle hiring facilities in the station is also one which should be encouraged. Yet I feel that there need to be increased capacity on actual trains to
make sure that more people can take their bikes."

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