Friday, 4 December 2009

Gibson welcomes Government action on crofting

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SNP MSP Rob Gibson has welcomed news that hundreds of crofters will see interest payments on their homes halved after action from the Scottish Government.

The announcement was made by Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham means that as many as 1,700 crofters will be able to move from a fixed interest rate, as high as seven per cent, to a new variable rate of three point five per cent.

Mr Gibson said…

"I welcome this decisive action from the Scottish Government which will make a positive difference to crofters in the current economic recession."

"Crofters living in rural and remote areas often bear the brunt of the recession. The cost of living is magnified due to the fact of geography so any help that the Scottish Government can give (especially in these times) is good."

Rob also welcomed the statement that the Scottish Government is encouraging SEPA to waive fees to rural based businesses such as fishing, farming and forestry.

"It is important that rural businesses are helped as much as their urban counterparts to over come these tough economic times. Rural sustainable communities and businesses are going to be more important in the future prosperity of Scotland so support today is investment for tomorrow."


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