Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Gibson calls for council insurance claim

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Highlands and Islands SNP MSP Rob Gibson is urging Highland Council to make an insurance claim against the MoD for the bill to repair Laxford bridge.

Mr Gibson made the call following a response he received from Armed forces Minister Bill Rammell in which he said that if the local authority was to make a claim against the MOD for the cost of the damage then it would be investigated by a third party insurer.

The bridge was damaged last month when a military vehicle toppled over the edge striking and damaging the parapet.

Mr Gibson said that he hoped that the Highland Council would make a claim…

"I am glad that the bridge opened to all traffic last week. Great credit has to go to the workers who managed to open it up so quickly.

"However I do not think that the hard pressed tax payers of the Highlands should have to fork out for this repair. I hope that the Highland Council will make a claim against the MoD. In a time of economic hardship where everyone is cutting back on expenditure including the council then it would be a counter productive not to attempt to recoup the cost of repairs to the bridge."

"The fact is that it was the MoD who caused this damage. There is a way by which the council can make a claim. Therefore the very least they should do is make that claim."

Mr Gibson also said that the Minister said that representatives of the community had a chance to make their feelings known about road usage by the military. At the next military forum which is attended by representatives from the Scottish armed forces.


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