Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gibson welcomes crofting change

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SNP MSP Rob Gibson has welcomed the announcement that Highlands and Islands Enterprise is to take control of crofting community development on the 1st of April.

HIE will take over socio economic development from the Crofting Commission as well as ensuring integration throughout the crofting counties.

Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham also said that £175,000 fund had been transferred from the crofting assistance budget to HIE for crofting development.

Rob said….

"This transfer will enhance the roles of both the Crofting Commission and HIE which will ultimately benefit crofting communities. It will allow the Crofting Commission to focus upon improving business regulation whilst HIE can look to developing communities."

"The decision from the Government makes a great deal of sense. The dual roles of regulating and development in the Crofting Commission was one which could no longer be sustained. Indeed often regulation took precedence over development."

"These changes will allow positive future for crofting communities, with more focus given to community developments there will increased chances for people developed social enterprises or micro - businesses."

"The transfer of money will allow for this to happen. The announcement is a positive step for crofting and will mark a new start for it."


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