Friday, 19 September 2008

Gibson welcomes money to end single crewing

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'One of the best pieces of news of extra spending in Parliament' is how Rob Gibson MSP greeted news that £4.7 million is to be given to Ambulance service in the Highlands and Islands and South West to end single crewing.

A long standing critic of the practice Mr Gibson praised SNP Health Secretary's Nicola Sturgeon announcement in Parliament...

"I have received many concerns from constituents regarding this issue and have made their feelings known to the Health Secretary. This is an issue which pre dated the SNP Government however whilst the Lib/Lab Executive did nothing it is the SNP who sorted it out. The end of single crewing will come as a great relief to people throughout the region."

After the announcement Mr Gibson gained an assurance from Nicola Sturgeon that ambulances would not be relocated from remote and rural areas to urban centers.

He also asked if part of the cash could be used to support the recruitment and training of staff in rural an remote areas, where house prices were high.

Ms Sturgeon responded that…

"It is important that the additional resources are allocated to areas where they are most needed. The key point about the additional staffing resources is that they will increase the relief capacity of the service, which is running considerably below what is considered to be the correct level. The additional resources will address that problem, and I am confident that they will address many of the legitimate issues that Rob Gibson and other members have consistently raised."

After the announcement Mr Gibson said…

"This is a great announcement for remote and rural areas in the North and West, it will see the end of single manning so often a major concern for people in the region. I genuinely believe that only an SNP Government could deliver that change. It shows that SNP Government cares for every part of Scotland and backs those sentiments up with actions. It is yet another refreshing change from 8 years of inaction of the Liberal Labour Executive."


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